As a CG Supervisor, my role consists of collaborating with different departments and supervising the cg team. I work with the Executive Producers to determine the required resources when bidding a new project. After the bid is green-lit, I work with the scheduling team and the Producers to book the appropriate people for the job. On set supervision follows where my role is to advice the Directors and crew on the proper setup to enable my team during post production. I also take all the HDRIs and references in the world, you can never have too many references. Once in post production, I lead the cg team in creating the fun things we create. This includes task assignments, daily reviews, troubleshooting, defining the best pipeline for the particular job, and sometimes doing shot lighting myself, if I get lucky. I work closely with our in house Creative Directors as well as the clients to bring their vision to life and out the door.

Even though supervising allows me to be part of the whole cg pipeline, I will say that lighting is what started this all and is what I enjoy doing the most. There is something about how it affects the mood, look and direction of a shot that excites me. Now my goal is to empower my team to find what excites them. 

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